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How do I save my work?

Last Updated: Dec 28, 2016 03:46PM EST

Your conversation with the patient(s) and the tests you perform are saved automatically at the time they are completed and are reflected in your transcript. Any documentation you record in the EHR Tablet will be saved automatically as you interact with the patient.


After the Patient Exam, you will have several free response and multiple choice questions to answer. As you proceed from one part of the activity to the next, a green box showing “Saved” will appear at the bottom right of the screen.

Image of one of the post-exam activities, indicating that work was recently saved

To save your Exam Plan when working on the Comprehensive Assessment, you must enter the Patient Exam and introduce yourself to the patient. If you were to close the browser or log out before you see and interact with the patient, the Exam Plan that you created will not be saved.


Please note that as the DCE (Digital Clinical Experience) is an internet-based product, you will need a steady and reliable internet connection for your progress to be saved accurately. If your internet connection experiences slow speeds or other connection issues, you will see a message saying “Reconnecting”. This means that your computer is not able to communicate with our servers over your current internet connection. Your progress will still be saved, and at the very worst you will only lose your latest interaction with the patient.

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